Brownies be Doggin

Brother’s hot Doggin 🌭 We got “Raw Dogs”
Also Beef, Chicken, Turkey and a
“Chico Chili Dog”, “BFF”, “1/4 LB Also,
Sausage: Polish, Louisiana, or Chicken

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About Us

At Brownies be Doggin, our mission is simple yet resolute – to provide you with the finest quality food and impeccable service, all at competitive prices. With years of expertise in the art of crafting mouthwatering hot dogs, we take pride in curating a menu that showcases the vibrant flavors of our dogs, made with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients.

Our talented chefs, led by our founder’s unwavering passion for creating a delicious hot dog, ensures that each hot dog is a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.

We Cater!

You can get your fix of our delicious dogs at your very own event! We can bring Brownies be Doggin hot dog cart to Los Angeles & Ventura County to any location or event, including family picnics, wrap parties, on-site crew lunches, birthdays, late-night wedding snacks, and more. The same friendly service and commitment to excellence that makes our cart famous is yours to enjoy.

Brownies be Doggin

Hot Dogs & Sausages

Beef Hot Dog

Chicken Hot Dog

Turkey Hot Dog

Chico Chili Dog


The 1/4 LB "Chicken"

Polish Sausage

Louisiana Sausage

Chicken Sausage

Grilled Cheese


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“Brownies be Doggin are fabulous Hot Dogs! They were amazing! Plump, juicy, great flavor! Can’t wait to have some again!

Katie. M

“Brownies be Doggin hot dogs just might be the best hot dog you’ve ever eaten …” 

Mike. J

“Truly exceptional hot dogs! The attention to detail that Brownies be Doggin has put into the product shows”

Jeffrey. W

Happy Hot Dog & Sausage Lovers

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